Volga AMR

Automatic meter reading system.
All energy resources under control

The objective sought

Development of an automated accounting system, which will be a constructive alternative to traditional measurement methods and will allow controlling simultaneously all kinds of energy resources (gas, electricity, water, heat) in the on-line mode.

History of creation

The project of the ANR system was launched within another, more global project to improve the quality of life in the urban environment - Smart City.

In addition to the energy metering system, Smart City includes an intelligent security system controlled by the control center and unified urban telecommunications network.

The work on it began in a distant 2006.

In 2014 the Volga AMR was allocated in a separate direction.

The basic component of the system was the hardware-software complex Volga, thanks to which all metering data can be automatically transmitted on a single server (in online mode).

The complex allows to connect an unlimited number of meters, apartments and houses to a single network and, thus, to control the consumption timely and systematically.

The next step is setting of the AMR compatible with metering devices of different modifications.

Today, Volga works effectively with all known types of meters equipped with a digital / pulse interface that has no restrictions when connected.

Finally, an important point in the work is the development of a web-interface, which is user-friendly and intuitive for a normal user (non-professional):
  • usage of the "cloud" technology for the processing and storage of data on the system servers (the subscriber of the system does not need to maintain his own IT-infrastructure)
  • development of display data filters (related to a street, house, apartment, meter type, type of resource)
  • implementation of the option to output information in the form of graphs and drawings (estimation of the energy usage dynamics and peak points)
  • provision of the data archiving and tabular reports (with the ability to export to Excel, Doc, PDF)
Our achievements

The Volga AMR today creates a common space for users and providers of public services and enables timely and accurately control of all kinds of energy resources in the online mode.

The system is used in businesses and residential complexes in Nizhny Novgorod.



e-mail: info@komplex-group.ru