During the implementation of our projects, we use the traditional, already proven products and cutting-edge designs of the industry.
Microsoft .Net
Next, WPF, WCF
Building of scalable content rich applications (desktop, distributed, Web) and complex websites, portals and cloud storage systems and on servers
Drupal, WordPress,
Flexible technologies for the rapid development of information portals, websites, online stores, and projects testing
Optimal for the work with particularly loaded areas, as well as controllers and other hardware - where you need high-speed operation processing
Client-server DBMS with high flexibility and mobility. MySQL is a high speed processing, MS SQL is stable and more secure operation of applications with sensitive data. Customized configuring
MongoDB, GriDFS
Distributed storage for the Big Data / HighLoad applications. High performance, scalability and fault tolerance. Superior security audit
Web platform for centralized access to corporate applications. Many plug-ins. Easily scaled and deployed in the cloud

The choice of technology determines the goal set before us.
So, new products are first tested on internal projects, and only worthy software and its components are used to solve customer problems.

Find out what technology is optimal
for YOUR business-task!