We'll help you to realize your ideas and to enter the services market “smoothly”.

Within the activity of Komplex-Info there is a program to support young projects - a start-up platform Komplex-Start..

The site functions as a business accelerator format. It means that we invest into you materially (the initial investment) and professionally (to create an individual development program).

You get
  • Funding
  • Coworking ("free shop", an office in a modern business center)
  • The ability to use all the resources of the company (equipment, internet access, conference room)
  • Consultations, seminars, trainings and support from business experts
We expect from you:
  • Flexibility (consumer market often requires changes in the project - any businessman must to be ready for these changes)
  • Total efficiency (the desire to work on a project, to put your back and time into it)
  • Sensitivity (our experts are interested in the success of your project, so the advice they give is really important - it must be taken seriously)
Leave the application, if you are interested in projects support program "Complex-Start". We will respond to your questions.
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