School project

Modern technology on guard of the future of YOUR children

The objective sought

It is creation of a user-friendly and easy to understand information system, which will increase the level of protection of children and control of discipline in schools by raising awareness among parents and employees of educational institutions.

History of creation

Guided by the idea to create a service that allows you to combine the maximum number of school services in a single network, the autumn of 2012 we developed the project of information-technological systems - Modern School, which was unanimously approved both by parents and school staff. It is based on contactless identification of technology users.

However, in the course of the project implementation we had some difficulties. In particular, it was an agreement with the Ministry of Emergency Situations concerning the turnstile systems which, in their opinion, could create an additional obstacle during evacuation in case of emergency. The hardware system was equipped with panic bars and swing-doors with the certification of the Ministry of Emergency Situations, providing an unobstructed exit from the building in case of danger.

Later on the product was integrated with surveillance systems installed in schools, and a universal format of educational sites was developed. With this "baggage" the representatives of Komplex-Info performed at the IT-Forum 2013. At the same time (in 2013) we launched a pilot project.

Our achievements

Our achievementsToday, information technology system - Modern School is a special mechanism that can protect schools against invasion of strangers and provide a real attendance control:

  • Electronic pass
    Entrance to the school is only possible with an electronic card, tied to one owner (a student, a parent or a member of the school staff)
  • Video identification
    All owners of passes (cards) are included in the database. When presenting the card to the reader the owner’s face is displayed on the security’s screen
  • SMS-notification
    Every time a child enters or exits the school area, his/her parents (or those persons who are responsible for the child’s safety) get a notification in the form of SMS messages
  • Electronic reporting
    All data is stored in an electronic form. It is possible to open or restrict access to a new entity (eg, teachers). There are new opportunities for communication between parents and teachers

School №144 in Sormovsky district and school № 13 in Nizhegorodsky district of Nizhny Novgorod have already been connected to the Modern School system.