Online service for automatic distribution of promotional and informational materials.

The objective sought

Development of the services for placement and automatic distribution of information materials, able to work independently with the customer ("self-service").

History of creation

This project was the first stage of cooperation between Komplex-Info and the Moscow marketing agency PROnline.

The contract included the development of a client-server DBMS (database management system) based on MySQL and creation of system site from scratch (from the template to the hosting).

Emphasis was made on the maximum automation and efficiency of works with incoming information: due to this resource the client was able to create the text focused on the target audience (news, articles) for a few minutes, after which the automatic dispatch promptly informed journalists and bloggers who post articles on their web sites about it.


Our achievements

Automated form to post information
Base content of 10 000-plus themed online magazines, blogs and other publications
Rubricator by categories (nanotechnology, software, startup, energy saving and etc.) and countries / cities
Monitoring of publications and attendance of the client's site