Funding, promotion, support for start-up projects.
Do you have an idea? Go for it!

The objective sought

Creation of a program that opens real opportunities for beginners to get business support for the development of their project (funding, training, assistance in identifying and finding customers interested in buying the finished product).

History of creation

The idea of creating a start-up site appeared in 2013, and a year later coworking (free shop - a separate office space with flexible organization) was created.

We opted for the business accelerator format which, unlike the other models, requires an intensive program of growth for several months and is able to work since the time when there was just an idea (not a prototype yet).

The main objective was to understand if the project will be successful or not (in other words, if it is possible to make it a profitable business).

It was important that its founders had signs of a successful entrepreneur:

  • Flexibility of the founders (very often the idea of the product has to be changes, in order to "please" the market, and willingness to make changes is absolutely necessary for each businessman)
  • The desire to work on the development of the project (we are interested in the success of the project and therefore we use all our opportunities, we are waiting for the same from startuppers who come to us)
  • Susceptibility to the recommendations of mentors and trainers

The first Komplex-Start project was launched in 2015.


Our achievements

Komplex-Start today is a multi-purpose startup platform, open to students and graduates interested in starting their own business:
  • support for innovative projects in the field of IT and other promising areas (fields) -up to full implementation
  • funding, expert support (in the development, marketing, law ...) and access to all necessary resources
  • cooperation programs with universities in Nizhny Novgorod
  • a unique opportunity to learn the working methods of creating a successful business


e-mail: info@komplex-group.ru