“ Inefficient mechanical systems can cause damage equal to a few cents on each manufactured part; however, due to poor quality information processes you can lose the whole company"”Alan Cooper

IT-consulting is a working tool for creating of effective corporate information media of any company. It allows you to significantly ease your headache associated with the coordination and supervision of a wide variety of activities.

Komplex-info provides outsourcing services and consulting in information technology.

The company's specialists have a complex approach and offer practical solutions for business process management automation, which will allow to:
Estimate the correspondence of the existing software to the specifics and needs of your company
Optimize the cost of implementation and customization (adaptation) of the software
Increase the efficiency of business processes; make them more "transparent", flexible and scalable
Ensure safe and stable operation of information systems (through the introduction of reliable and proven software products with the possibility of extension)

In the construction of corporate information systems, we rely on many years of our experience in software development and integration and universally recognized world standards: ISO 27001, ISO 20000, PAS 56, BS ISO 25999 and ITGI CobIT v4.1.