Controllers for Terminals

High-performance, ultra-secure and multi-purpose electronic devices Control Systems

The objective sought

Development of controller for processing of private data on the device with a high degree of protection (which does not allow reading information stored and transmitted by it).

History of creation

The first controller designed on the basis of the ATMEL microprocessor, was created in 2006. In addition to its primary function (protection of privacy), this software showed other possibilities, such as high-speed processing and transmission of the information in case of absence of the Internet access.

The next step was the development of our own microcontroller (and completion of already working PCB) with a focus on the customer's specific tasks: receipt of the data from metering devices, control of terminal devices, information systems and other operations.

It increased the possibility of controller systems, and allowed us to increase the degree of protection of the processed data.

Our achievements

СToday the hardware software Komplex-Info is the basis of payment system terminals (such as, information kiosks, automated energy accounting systems, bank terminals, checkpoints and other systems of interaction with the user.