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Komplex-Info - modern life technologies

Focusing on a rapidly changing market of information services, we set as our main objective the creation of a product that can adapt and evolve in accordance with the modern world, while remaining relevant and continuing to solve the problems inherent in it.

Orientation on the problem. Focus on the result

Creating a product that works for the prosperity of your business is the main task of "Komplex-Info". That is why we have been developing high-quality software, focused primarily on the problems and needs of our customers for 10 years already.

We are not going to make a compromise and or to lower expectations, always achieving high results.

Since 2006
in the market
Komplex-info is a stable thriving company and a reliable
partner. Today Komplex-Info has a strong place in the market
of information services.
10 years
of Russian and foreign partnerships
Since the beginning of the company activity our constant partners have been: the Government of the Nizhny Novgorod region, the Nizhny Novgorod Chamber of Commerce, Rostelecom, Microsoft Partner, Carcass-monolith and VIP technology.
Over 100
successful projects
From basic software (device f/w, platform) to the built-in applications and hardware-software complexes of different configurations.